Marnie Stern (Popfrenzy Presents) News

Marnie Stern (Popfrenzy Presents)

“…arty, feminine guitar-rock that infiltrated Guyville without a mission statement…Stern has it--a charisma and technique that already distinguishes her as pure Technicolor in a glutted, black-and-white scene.” – Pitchfork

“The woman who made shredding acceptable to a generation of hipsters, Stern kind of comes across like Eddie Van Halen’s conflicted lovechild, a chatty Valley Girl-alike throwing out weirdy whips of finger-tapped sound.” – NME

It wasn't until she was 23, when she heard Sleater-Kinney for the first time, that Marnie Stern's life began to the take her in the direction of the noise and punk-inspired experimental rock that would later define her music. She soon began learning finger-tapping techniques on her electric guitar and began assiduously practicing and recording songs until she had enough for a demo. Stern sent the tape to Kill Rock Stars, which immediately signed the young singer/guitarist to their 5RC imprint. The folding of the company, after the departure of founder Slim Moon in 2006, caused a slight delay in the release of her debut, In Advance of the Broken Arm, but the record, whose songs had been written over a period of more than two years in Stern's Upper East Side New York apartment, and featured drums from Hella's Zach Hill, finally came out in early 2007.

Stern took somewhat less time to record her follow-up, releasing This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It in 2008. Her self-titled third album was released by Kill Rock Stars in 2010.

Marnie Stern (Popfrenzy Presents) News

Marnie Stern Australian tour this week!! 5th October, 2011
Marnie Stern Sydney show moved to GoodGod! 25th August, 2011