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Mist & Sea began in 2001, when Jason Sweeney (Pretty Boy Crossover, Simpatico) met Vincent Giarrusso (Underground Lovers) on random occasions in Melbourne. The two began to make plans and strategies for a musical project. There was talk about performances, new media projects, installations, RSL tours. The other half of Pretty Boy Crossover (Cailan Burns) joined the duo in some lounge-room writing sessions, with the basic essentials: guitar and vocals. And then, after successfully being granted some cash from Arts Victoria, a 6 piece was set up for the purpose of writing and recording a full length LP, Unless. was Cailan Burns, Emma Bortignon, Phillip Collings, Vincent Giarrusso, Jed Palmer and Jason Sweeney. The trio of Vincent, Jason and Cailan is the core of Mist & Sea and new songs are being worked on for a follow up album in 2008.

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Album: Unless
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Mist + Sea
Released: 23-07-2007

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Mist and Sea Melbourne Residency! 27th August, 2007

Popfrenzy Presents : Black Mountain Australian Tour 2016

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