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There aren’t enough terms in the dictionary to describe the music of Day Ravies. ‘Shoegaze’, ‘Dream-Pop’, ‘Jangle’ – call it what you will, the Sydney-based quartet are masters at creating shimmering pop music that captures the youthful spirit of the 90s, peppered with a distinct slice of modern imagination.

Day Ravies formed in early 2011 out of a desire to write straight-up pop tunes. Guitarist Sam Wilkinson and keyboardist Lani Crooks called on friends Matt Neville and Caroline De Dear to pick up the drums and bass, with Caroline’s dad lending his basement as a jam studio. In their short time together the band have released a stunning debut EP and walked along a promising path, garnering a glut of loyal fans along the way.

Along with the obvious nod to The Kinks and 60s pop in their band name, trawling their extensive record collections provides an inkling as to where the 4 Sydneysiders look for inspiration. Albums by ‘90s shoegaze muses such as My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth sit on the top shelf alongside ‘80s Antipodean legends from The Clean to The Go Betweens.

This is not to say that Day Ravies stand for any imitation by any stretch of the imagination! On the contrary, by throwing their influences and collaborative songwriting methods into the melting pot, Day Ravies have managed to rise beyond the local burgeoning garage rock and electronic scenes and produce something truly unique.

Their debut LP will be released through Popfrenzy Records in October 2013.

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Reality School
Album: Tussle
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Day Ravies
Released: 11-10-2013

Day Ravies News

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