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First off a note of warning: Matt and Kim aren't a typical band and this isn't going to read like your average biography. For example, although Matt and Kim know they met while taking classes at Pratt Institute in New York, Kim's not sure what year she graduated, let alone when they decided to start playing music as a two–piece. What they do know is that when Matt and Kim started out approximately four years ago, they had no idea how to play their respective instruments—a fact that makes the band's success story almost as unique as their distinctive brand of synth–and–drums dance punk.

After being forced to play their first show by a friend months after picking up their instruments, keyboardist/vocalist Matt Johnson and drummer/vocalist Kim Schifino played their first show as Matthew and Kimberly in October of 2004—and after slightly altering their name they spent the next year playing every chance they could get in their home base of Brooklyn. Along the way they also released an EP called To/From and started touring the United States non–stop, burning CDs in the van on the way to their self–booked shows and seemingly playing every art space and basement in the country.

“Meet Matt & Kim, indie-rock’s ultimate birthday band: a Brooklyn couple who pound organ and drums through irrationally exuberant, major-key romps that are equal parts garage-rock and Nintendo.” (NY TIMES)

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Album: Grand
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Album: Grand
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Matt and Kim
Released: 21-02-2009

Matt and Kim
Matt and Kim
Released: 28-01-2008

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