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Maybe we should cut to the chase – Pants Yell! create modern pop music at its best.

Pants Yell! is a group of three young men that hail from the red brick sidewalks of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Andrew Churchman and **Sterling Bryant ** formed the band three years ago within the walls of a Boston art school, and have since released albums and singles aimed at the hearts of an international group of journal writers, unrequited lovers, liberal arts majors, and romantic adolescent daydreamers. Now with new drummer Casey Keenan from Major Stars (Drag City), Pants Yell! have shifted into a more confident, expansive form of chiming pop music.

The album title Alison Statton pays homage to the lovely young Welsh girl who fronted Young Marble Giants and Weekend. The songs deal with failed relationships and the uncertainty of youth via a batch of intelligently informed compositions; one that should appease fans of Jens Lekman, Orange Juice and the early Belle and Sebastian records.

Alison Statton confirms Andrew Churchman’s position as top-notch modern songwriter. His words and themes flirt as much with the films of Truffaut as they do with Jonathan Richman’s earnestness and the Go-Betweens’ golden days of mellifluous pop truisms. All in all, Alison Statton is modern pop music at its best.

The real Alison Statton wishing Pants Yell! good luck!!!! Check it out!

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Album: Alison Statton
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Pants Yell!
Alison Statton
Released: 04-02-2008