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Hold a piece of pop music in your hand. How heavy is it? If you threw it, could you break the window of a passing car? Could you break a tooth? For several years, The Blow have been hard at work developing an essential pop music formula, fashioned, as the best popular music is, with the function of getting under the skin of the people. What that music does once it gets there is what makes The Blow worth thinking about.

Fascinated with the physics of pop construction, The Blow makes music that holds a weightless gravity. Their songs are light enough to sail easily through the air, landing simultaneously on the turntable of a London DJ, in your mum's car stereo, and in the iPod of a middle schooler in study hall.

The Blow is Jona Bechtolt (also known as YACHT) and Khaela Maricich. The two have been working together as The Blow since 2004 when they recorded a limited edition EP called Poor Aim: Love Songs**. It quickly became clear that the results of their combined forces flexed with a muscle that had a range far beyond the limited edition market. United by a shared affection for the sparkling production styles of mainstream radio, and both raised with deep roots in the DIY scenes of the Pacific Northwest, the duo makes fractured pop chart toppers to seduce all manner of hearts out of their cases, onto the floor.

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Fist Up
Album: Paper Television
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The Blow
Poor Aim: Love Songs
Released: 14-05-2007

The Blow
Paper Television
Released: 09-10-2006