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For those unfamiliar with Thunderbirds Are Now's ever-changing evolution, let's get you up to speed: The band started off as a five-piece in the suburbs of Detroit, eventually trimming down to drummer Mike Durgan, bassist Marty Smith, keyboardist Scott Allen, and singer/guitarist Ryan Allen. The band released two EPs and one full-length record (2003's rambunctious Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief on the Action Driver label), before signing to Frenchkiss Records (and Popfrenzy for Australia and New Zealand) to release their 2005 breakthrough Justamustache. The record garnered praise across the board from tastemakers like and others.

After Smith left the group to become a married man the band drafted bassist Howard Chang and hit the road with fervor, touring with the likes of Enon, Minus the Bear, The Hold Steady, The Constantines, These Arms are Snakes, Supersystem, and Rahim. Summer 2005 saw the band make their first appearance on the American summer festival circuit playing the Pitchforkmedia-curated Intonation Music Festival. To cap off their year the band visited the UK for the first time. In early 2006, Durgan left the band, so new drummer Matt Rickle (of Detroit faves Javelins) stepped in to the fray, joining the band for their first-ever Australian tour alongside Les Savy Fav and the Hold Steady. 2006 promises more of the same upward trajectory for TAN! starting with Make History in the fall and their patented brand of unrelenting touring and inspiring live shows around the globe to follow.

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Thunderbirds Are Now!
Make History
Released: 06-10-2006

Thunderbirds Are Now!
Released: 10-09-2005