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When Awesomer, Blood On The Wall’s sophomore record, was released Time Out New York ran a feature on the band, adding the tag line “Local Band’s Favorite Local Band” to the cover. In September of 2005, that claim was anything but an exaggeration. With an acute pop sensibility, an arsenal of hooks, and an energy that left ear-to-ear smiles on the faces of audience members, the band’s endearingly spastic live set had more than earned them that title. Blood On The Wall were, however, quick to grow beyond their reputation as a local band. In the months that followed, they would be hand picked to play with the likes of Black Dice, Psychic Ills, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ariel Pink, Dead Moon, The Kills, Fiery Furnaces, Sonic Youth, and Dinosaur Jr. as they criss-crossed the country and toured Europe under the wing of like-minded label Fat Cat Records. While you can take the band out of the locale, it’s impossible to pry that spirit from the band; Blood On The Wall charmed audiences far and wide with the same sincerity that had won them a die-hard fanbase in New York.

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Album: Liferz
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Blood On The Wall
Released: 24-05-2008

Blood On The Wall News

Blood On The Wall!!!! 2nd May, 2008