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At the core of Sian Alice Group are multi-instrumentalists Rupert Clervaux and Ben Crook who formed the band along with vocalist Sian Ahern in late 2006. In order to flesh out their sound they brought in Sasha Vine and for live shows have added Douglas Hart (Jesus & Mary Chain) and John Webster Johns. 59.59 was recorded and produced predominantly during the summer of 2007 by Clervaux at the group’s central London studio where they are able to enjoy complete self-sufficiency, enabling full flexibility in their creative process. As a testament to their open and collaborative nature, the group welcomed other musicians in to the studio and, for the album closer ‘Complete Affection,’ were joined by John Coxon (Spiritualized) on guitar and Brian DeGraw (Gang Gang Dance) on lead piano.

Sian Alice Group have already received a number of lazy comparisons to Shoegaze music, something that they should shrug-off with ease after the release of this album. The stylistic range of 59.59 is way more far reaching than such a reductive comparison would imply and further brings to mind references such as Arthur Russell, Angelo Badalamenti and Steve Reich. The album even features a song, ‘Motionless,’ that is inspired by the music of legendary Detroit techno pioneer Jeff Mills, and loosely based on his track ‘Solid Sleep’. Sian Alice Group look set to be a big part of the musical landscape of 2008 and we are proud to be a part of it.

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Way Down To Heaven
Album: 59.59
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Sian Alice Group
Released: 07-06-2008