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Au (pronounced 'ay you') is the future of American music. Primarily the work of Portland based multi-instrumentalist Luke Wyland, one can immediately tell he has lived all around the country, and absorbed everything to form a sound that not only echoes the past, but also sets a path for the future. Although they have been labeled by some as "psych-folk", we can assure you that Au is not another group of dudes with bandannas sitting around doing acid, but rather immensely skilled musicians who put great detail into every aspect of their sound.

Au's sound is vast and "deftly treads a narrow bridge between the loose-associations of the backwoods freak-folk crowd and the more formalized concoctions of art-poppers like Brian Eno. Since the release of their critically acclaimed debut album, the band has been busy touring the West Coast and the Northeast while playing with such national acts as Grizzly Bear, Deerhoof, Beach House, Phosphorescent, Fleet Foxes, Eric Bachmann and Castanets - to name a few. Without doubt, Verbs promises to be one of this year's most satisfying surprises.

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Are Animals
Album: Verbs
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On Popfrenzy Records

Released: 04-10-2008

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AU "VERBS" in stores and on ITunes this Saturday!! 1st October, 2008
Who are Au!? 22nd August, 2008