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When one first sees Ponytail live, it is impossible to restrain oneself. Their music are total spastic bliss. A complete sugar high freak out. Smiles, dimples, and grins beam from crowd to member, member to member, crowd to crowd. It is like kids on Christmas morning. Riding roller coasters. Triple dips.

A Ponytail show is full contact aerobics, it's a hedonistic whirlwind for your ears and body. It is the exorcism your stiff loins have been waiting for.

“Not recommended for people with heart conditions or pregnant mothers, but for those of you looking for visceral thrills, this is it.” – PASTE

“Presided over by Molly Siegel--a fiery young Yoko Ono impersonator--the disc is precocious but never precious, combining a smart, Juno-esque appreciation of old-school punk that steers clear of mere revivalism.” – SPIN

Ponytail interview with Fasterlouder

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Easy Peasy
Album: Do Whatever You Want All The Time
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Beg Waves
Album: Ice Cream Spiritual
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Do Whatever You Want All The Time
Released: 08-04-2011

Ice Cream Spiritual
Released: 25-04-2009

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