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Charlie is Panther, and Panther is some mutant form of Charlie. Churning out shattered pop hits that few have the ears to comprehend, Portland's Panther is a one-man disaster squad. Panther's music is hard match of damaged soul, falsetto disco and broken synth fueled freakouts which is as addictive as it is challenging. This solo affair of Charlie Salas-Humara isn't easily ignored for his unpredictable and energetic solo performances tainted with throbbing bass, minimalistic hooks and jittery dance routines. Panther’s influences run deep and take as much from Pop and R&B as Free Jazz and Punk.

In the past year Panther has infiltrated MTV2 (up for Video of the Year), Spin Magazine, and modern dance academia. While touring with both Ratatat and Gossip, he has managed to polarize audiences thoroughly between the immediate super-fans and super confused gawkers. Panther live is as much dance as it is music and as much art as it is performance.

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How Does It Feel
Album: Secret Lawns
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On Popfrenzy Records

Secret Lawns
Released: 27-03-2007

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