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THE SCHOOL are from Cardiff and after a string of successful singles and EPs in UK/Europe and USA, the moment has arrived for their presentation to Australian audiences.

After appearing on Rough Trade’s best of the year compilation, after having been hired by Slumberland Records (THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART, BRILLIANT COLORS, THE AISLERS SET…) to share a single with GEORGE WASHINGTON BROWN, having recorded various BBC sessions, having had their music included in advertisements, TV series and movies in different countries, and having received innumerable elegies of all kinds all over the globe, the moment definitely arrived for this six-piece band. It has been a long process, with huge expectations, encouraged by songs like the ones included in the previously commented releases. And for once it’s better than ever to use the cliché “it was worth the wait”.

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Is He Really Coming Home?
Album: Loveless Unbeliever
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Loveless Unbeliever
Released: 12-06-2010

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