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Yacht is the full-time project of The Blow's Jona Bechtolt, whose production skills on the breakout album Paper Television - a record that grabbed top spots on year-end lists, in Moms' car stereos, and top-dog music blogs alike - were lauded by Pitchfork reviewers as "a brilliant and versatile grab bag of popular culture, equal parts Missy Elliott-style chart rap and Yaz'n'Soft Cell-like new wave keyboard pop, all shook up and spit out sideways."

The songs that make up Yacht's I Believe in You. Your Magic is Real travel well; they're wide and warm-hearted, not unlike Bechtolt himself, bouncing without pretension from iPod to turntable, as buoyant and easy in a middle schooler's bedroom as they are echoing across a huge crowd, pouring from a jukebox, or woven thoughtfully into a mix tape.

Bechtolt has been a promiscuous genre-smasher since his adolescence, when he decided that playing drums in the touring punk band he formed with his older brother was more worthwhile than attending a single day of high school. He's plied his unique breed of laptop wizardry and grunge intuition to endless collaborations, both as drummer and producer, with west coast mainstays like Devendra Banhart, Panther, Little Wings, Mt. Eerie, Bobby Birdman and E*Rock.

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We're Always Waiting
Album: I Believe in You, Your Magic Is Real
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I Believe in You, Your Magic Is Real
Released: 15-05-2007