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Feature Artist : Cansei De Ser Sexy (Popfrenzy Presents)

Imagine if garage rock was a modern concept, or at least was transported to another time, and another place? Imagine if that place was Sao Paulo, the time 2003? Imagine if there was a band that captured the essence of Brazilian culture and the interaction it had with art and pop culture abroad. And the internet. How would these people meet? Through clubs and photo blogs, of course. What would they bond over? Art and fun. When bored, where would they go?

Like all bored young ones. . . into the basement.

And thus the pop experiment that is Cansei De Ser Sexy (Portuguese for "tired of being sexy") was initiated. In said basement the collective known as CSS pick up instruments irrespective of their ability to “play” them. One day a girl, Lovefoxxxxx, forgets her guitar. Lucky there’s a mic lying around, and into it she screams over the synths, the catty call and response of her band mates (Ana, Carolina, Luisa, Ira and the one lucky lad Adriano) and together CSS create a style of music that is their own, an album that transcends boundaries both geographic and genre, and ultimately an experience where loose beats and manic hooks become synonymous for fun.

Of course you dig it when it’s blaring out of your home stereo system (brought to you kindly via the folks at seminal indie label Sub Pop). It’s the kind of music that makes you scream into your hairbrush and at your mirror in a frenzy of sporadic jumps and bursts of excitement. What’s not to love?

Cansei De Ser Sexy (Popfrenzy Presents) News

Cansei De Ser Sexy are in town!! 28th December, 2006