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Opening the bill in Melbourne (March 13th), in what is sure to be one of the gigs of the year, Warragul-born garage sensation The UV Race will be causing the unholiest of ruckuses. With Dan and Al returning from Total Control's American tour, the UV Race are once again reunited and raring to bestow their own brand of loose punk tracks and on-stage comedic antics upon us.

Sydneysiders never fear! We have a very special treat for you this year! Warming the stage at the Factory Theatre (Mach 14th) will be the iconic You Am I's new psychedelic rock band The Treatment! Since the early 90s, You Am I have built a reputation as seasoned Aussie tour warriors. With an abundance of releases under their belt, The Treatment exude signs of weathered musical chemistry, testament to dudes who've been playing music for a long time!

7th February, 2012 : Posted by Admin