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Sunset People on Sundays in Sydney!!

If you've managed to pull your hungover self from the couch and venture down to our Sunday afternoon of local music debauchery, you'll know how awesome Sunset People at the Hollywood Hotel in Sydney is!

Sunset regulars can attest to the fact that there is nothing like a generous helping of local bands and $5 Bloody Marys to cure our dusty Sunday ills! We've been priveleged over the past five weeks to be able to present a vast array of sensational up-and-coming Aussie acts. From the raucous garage sounds of Raw Prawn, Marf Loth, Ghastly Spats and The Nugs to exclusive acoustic sets by Jordan Ireland (The Middle East) and Matt Kennedy (Kitchens Floor), Sunset People covers all bases - the quaint Hollywood Hotel and lovely crowd making for a relaxed and unimposing vibe.

The next three weeks will be nothing short of brilliant, with Sweet Teeth, The Dreamboats and a Richard in Your Mind solo show locked in for the 11th, followed by a mammoth 4-band-extravaganza on the 18th featuring Rites Wild, Cat Cat, Pageants and Street Talk.

Check out the Facebook event for this week's show here!

And because it's free, you really have no excuse! See you there!

6th March, 2012 : Posted by Admin

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