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A Popfrenzy Delight featuring: SONGS, CAMPERDOWN & OUT AND DAY RAVIES

We’re awfully excited to present to you an exclusive gallery gig showcasing a Popfrenzy great with two of our latest local signings - performances from Songs, Camperdown & Out and Day Ravies.

Come on down to Chalkhorse Gallery (8 Lacey Street, Surry Hills) for an evening of Popfrenzy delights. 5pm – 10pm and it's all ages!

$2 glasses of wine. $3 beers. See you then!

Bringing together members of Royal Headache, Raw Prawn, Dead Farmers and Marf Loth, CAMPERDOWN & OUT are somewhat of a local supergroup. Formed out of a mutual love for 80s Australian/NZ guitar-pop, the lads’ charmingly crafted album will be released on Popfrenzy Records in March next year.

Shimmering, droning pop music that often draws comparisons to a plethora of artists from the 60s – 90s, DAY RAVIES’ full length LP will also drop on Popfrenzy Records early to mid 2013. Noted as a ‘shoegaze’ band by the media, this term doesn’t even begin to describe the wonderous, whirring pop music produced by the young collective.

Headlining are SONGS. Songs are a band that really needs no introduction. Armed with a new lineup for the last year and a cavalry of splendid new tracks, the band will soon be releasing their scintillating sophomore effort on Popfrenzy Records. First single 'Alone' will be hitting the airwaves before then this October. Performing for you at Chalkhorse gallery.

5th October, 2012 : Posted by Admin