Camperdown & Out News

Announcing our new batch of local signings!

We at Popfrenzy Records are thrilled to announce the addition of two fantastic Sydney-based artists to the Popfrenzy family. Plucked from Sydney's innerwestern suburbia, up and coming quartets Camperdown & Out and Day Ravies will release full length LPs on Popfrenzy Records early 2013.

Formed out of necessity and a mutual appreciation of legendary acts spat out of 80s Australia/New Zealand, Camperdown & Out take their name from the inner-western suburb of Sydney, combined with a few tales of woe and redemption.The 4-piece have set out to salute their heroes in the Go Betweens, Ed Kuepper, Paul Kelly, The Clean, along with the obvious slaps on the back to internationals such as Lou Reed and sunshine British wino Kevin Ayers.

Shoegaze’, ‘Dream-Pop’, ‘Jangle’ – call it what you will, the youthful quartet Day Ravies are masters at creating shimmering pop music that captures the youthful spirit of the 90s, peppered with a unique slice of modern imagination. Throwing their influences and collaborative songwriting methods into the melting pot, the young Sydney collective construct ethereal, dreamy soundscapes that are slathered in glistening drones, and fundamentally carried by beautiful hazy melodies.

7th November, 2012 : Posted by Admin