Who are Au!?

October 4 sees the release of Verbs, the first release available to Australian and New Zealand listeners from Portland's Au (pronounced 'ay you'). Verbs is flanked at one of its ends by the blissful bombast of a 20-plus person vocal chorus, and concludes some forty minutes later in the hushed strains of a wistful lullaby. Between these disparate bookends lies the staggering aesthetic expanse of Verbs - which, in its swirling depths and subtleties, promises to be one of this year's most satisfying surprises.

"'All My Friends' is the title of the first song on Verbs, and it seems that is exactly who multi-instrumentalist Luke Wyland asked to contribute to this, the second album for Au (the experimental collective he spearheads). Wyland asked, and they came. Verbs is brimming with almost 30 musicians from the fertile musical landscape of the Pacific Northwest (including members of Yellow Swans and Parenthetical Girls), and the result is the most surprisingly pleasant left-field pop gem of 2008." (Pop Matters)

"At times, Au’s Verbs can be a calm meditation; other times, a jubilant parade through Portland, OR. Luke Wyland, the multi-instrumentalist behind the experimental folk-pop band, casts various PDX artists to help flesh out the swirling sounds on his second studio album. Included on the roster is Becky Dawson of Ah Holly Fam’ly, who lends her operatic vocals to the upbeat, hand clap-driven pop jam “rr vs. d.” “Are Animals” explodes into carnival mayhem after the two-and-a-half-minute vocal chorus build-up of “All My Friends”; more than 20 people clap furiously and howl gibberish while Dawson’s voice floats gracefully above it. The star, though, is bandleader Wyland, whose instrumental talents and knack for collaborations make this album worthwhile." (XLR8R).

22nd August, 2008 : Posted by Admin