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We're pretty chuffed with our upcoming releases!

First off the rank is the debut full-length from TOTALLY MICHAELl who of course as you all aware is in town playing shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. That hits the stores and ITunes on January 24th. Read up on Totally Michael here!

February 21st sees the release of the new album from everyone's favourite boy/girl duo, MATT AND KIM! The album is called Grand and it's been on non stop rotation at Popfrenzy HQ for the last two months. Read more on this here!

On March 14th comes the debut S/T release from Scottish band BRICOLAGE (pictured above). Influenced heavily by the likes of Orange Juice and Aztec Camera the album contains some of the best uplifting simmering indie pop tunes you'll ever likely to hear. More on Bricolage here!

TOTALLY MICHAEL - S/T (in-stores 24/01/09) Describing his sound as a “mohawked angel with a hose full of holy water… blasting the wallflowers,” URB Magazine singled out Totally Michael for their annual “Next 100 Issue.” Citing Prince and Blink-182 as influences and bringing about comparisons to Andrew W.K., Dan Deacon and synth-punk pioneer Atom and His Package, Totally Michael revels in the forgotten joys of showmanship and booty shaking. Amassing hundreds of shows under his young belt, Totally Michael will be bringing the party to a city near you. In an increasingly cynical world, Totally Michael has drawn the line in the sand. Choose your side wisely.

MATT & KIM - GRAND (in-stores 21/02/09) Brooklyn-based duo Matt and Kim return with Grand, their second album and first in over two years. During the period in between records the duo has toured extensively (including Australia early last year) and developed a loyal and growing fan base that eagerly awaits the release of Grand. The band spent the last nine months recording and tweaking Grand in between tour dates. The result is an album that takes the band's musicianship and songwriting to the next level and also serves as a glowing representation of how far Matt and Kim have come since their debut.

BRICOLAGE - S/T (in-stores 07/03/09) Bricolage's debut self titled album is a fresh and brilliant collection of modern pop that simultaneously recalls the Sound of Young Scotland thrills of Orange Juice and a more classic strain of 70s power-pop. Bursting with catchy melodies and chunky guitars, it's destined to be one of the great pop albums of 2009. Quality timeless pop is the game here, and Bricolage are rapidly making a reputation for themselves as a band to keep your ears open for.

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