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In the Popfrenzy tradition of good times, Popfrenzy Afloat is back!

On Sunday, May 3, 2009, Popfrenzy will set afloat on Sydney’s harbour Brooklyn’s most fun duo Matt & Kim, Australia’s seminal punk tale The Meanies, Person of the Year SPOD and rising indie stars Traps. Not to mention, the beloved Popfrenzy DJs who have come out of the woodworks, including Jinx, Enari, Get Well Mary Kate, Red Peugeot and more!

Previous Popfrenzy Afloats of 04’ and ’06 allowed you to get up close to the like of Les Savy Fav, Gossip, Jens Lekman and Pretty Girls Make Graves so, like birthdays, Christmas, The Tooth Fairy and all traditions with guaranteed material gain, the next Popfrenzy Afloat is not to be missed!

Tickets on sale tomorrow (Thursday) from all Incu stores and on

POPFRENZY AFLOAT Aboard ‘The Fusion’ Sunday, May 3, 2009 5pm – 9pm Picked up from Man ‘O War steps at the Opera House at 5pm SHARP!

Matt & Kim (USA) The Meanies SPOD Traps

Tickets on sale Thursday, April 16 Through and at all INCU STORES.

15th April, 2009 : Posted by Admin