First establishing themselves as in-demand producers – mixing for the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Gorillaz, Klaxons, Ladytron and Roots Manuva – METRONOMY have recently found fame for their very own bright, synthpop hooks and electro-rock eccentricity.

With an aversion to over-production, Metronomy slot perfectly into the raw, experimental landscape of indie-dance crossover. Sitting somewhere between Kraftwerk, Devo and N.E.R.D, their music displays refreshing experimentation and a commitment to dance-floor good times.

In fact, it has indeed been Metronomy’s new live show that has spurred their recent success – rather than being a pseudonym for Joseph’s solo work, for the first time Metronomy is a three-piece band, their music is vocally-led and self-effacing founding member Joseph Mount is stepping up and grabbing the mic.

Although Joseph has worked with Gabriel Stebbing (bass, keyboards) and Oscar Cash (sax, keyboards) since their Devon childhoods, it has been the success of the trio’s live shows that has led to the realisation that the three school friends are a bona fide group. “I’ve never liked solo artists and their session musicians. It just always seems totally wrong, particularly live. I write the songs, but Gabriel and Oscar contribute a lot more than just playing them.”

Metronomy’s latest album Nights Out has received wide acclaim for its considered composition and commitment to the album as a whole; purposefully challenging modern listening habits, in a deliberate attempt to defy perceived wisdom about MP3 culture and the wilfully low attention span of those pesky, thieving noughties kids. “It was an unashamed concept album from the beginning. I keep having conversations with people who keep going on about the industry and how CDs are history, and people just listen to things on shuffle. And I’m like, ‘Oh, for fuck’s sake!’ This is totally the music industry’s fault! They’re the ones who decided to keep putting two good songs on an album!” And certainly, there are far more than two good songs on Nights Out.

Dates & Venue Details

Tour Venues & Dates

Popfrenzy Party at Beck’s Festival Bar (Sydney)

15th January, 2009


Tickets available from 1300 438 849 and 1300 888 412.


Hyde Park Barracks

Empire Hotel (Brisbane)

16th January, 2009


Tickets available from and 1300 762 545


LICKIT Presents at Empire Hotel, Fortitude Valley

Revolver (Melbourne)

17th January, 2009