While Ponytail’s debut album Ice Cream Spiritual is considered one of the most refreshing releases of this year, Ponytail is an experience best witnessed live. Watching this band play is possibly the most cathartic undertakings imaginable. Molly Seigel’s unique approach to singing, a mix of screeching and cooing, is delivered with trance‐like concentration, possessed screams and jerks that make you feel entranced and voyeuristic. Siegel is joyous, looking and acting like the epitome of a good time: she pogos, she wails, she screams, all while smiling, laughing, bouncing, both fitness instructor and punk‐star.

Yet Ponytail are more than the sum of their screams. The dueling, call and response method of the two guitar players, a la Thurston Moore and Lee Renaldo of Sonic Youth, result in frantic lead and angular chords, often delivered at the same time and with an intricacy that would do Battles proud.

Drummer Jeremy Hyman’s ability to attack each fill like it’s the last he’ll ever play propels the band. Truly there are only so many possible notes you can fit inside a single beat and Hyman manages to play every one of those notes, plus a couple. There isn't a live band around with more infectious energy than Ponytail. Ponytail is all about fun, a tornado of awesome; yet behind their ramshackle ethos and lively demeanor, there exists real substance. They’re a band with a superb ear for snippets of melodies that coalesce together into a glorious polyphonic stew. Playing the giddy no‐wave/math‐rock of Deerhoof or OOIOO, with the amped‐up abandon of a high‐school garage band, Ponytail thrash with genuine complexity.


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Wednesday, December 30 PHILLIP ISLAND - Pyramid Rock Festival Tickets available here*

Thursday, December 31 SYDNEY - Purple Sneakers NYE Party Tickets available here

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Dates & Venue Details

Tour Venues & Dates

Evelyn Hotel (MELBOURNE)

29th December, 2009


Co-headline with Telepathe!!!

Pyramid Rock Festival (PHILLIP ISLAND)

30th December, 2009


With The Juan Maclean, Telepathe, Architecture In Helsinki and many others.


Phillip Island (Victoria)

Purple Sneakers NYE House Party (SYDNEY)

31st December, 2009


With The Grates, The Baddies and plenty of others.


Sydney University