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Chicago based indie rock quartet The Sea and Cake (Sam Prekop, Archer Prewitt, John McEntire and Eric Claridge) tour Australia for the first time in their 14 years together. The band who have been on an extended hiatus since 2004 have just released a critically acclaimed new album Everybody. With glowing guitar tones and propulsive percussion underscored by gently introspective bass lines, the Sea and Cake’s music is low-key indie pop sprinkled with jazz, African, and Brazilian influences.

The liner notes of Everybody, the new Sea and Cake record, are unassuming scrawlings, collected from the making of their first studio record in four years, the Crib notes to how to outlast indie rock fads. The end point? Just write songs, interesting, diverse, and sonically exploratory, delivered through the sweetest of voices. And keep doing it. With only the most talented musicians - Sam Prekop (pop mastermind), Archer Prewitt (visual artist and reknowned solo musician), **John McEntire **(highly acclaimed producer, member of Tortoise and contributor to Red Krayola, Stereolab and countless others) and some guy called **Eric Claridge* (who’s dropping the “some guy” tag with a solo record due soon). Theirs is a sub-cultural pedigree to be marveled at.

The four piece from Chicago have mastered the song over and over in their fourteen years together, but never once brought their humble masterpieces across the Pacific. Until now.

Popfrenzy are the proudest they could be in presenting, for their very first time in Australia, The Sea and Cake. Fourteen years and seven albums after breaking post rock clichés the quartet are set to reconfigure your perceptions of indie rock and the form it imposes on song. In real time it won’t play out to be nearly as academic as it sounds, we promise.

Everyday is out now on Spunk Records

Dates & Venue Details

Tour Venues & Dates

Annandale Hotel (SYDNEY)

7th March, 2008


Also available from the venue and 02 9550 1078

With Firekites and Founder



Northcote Social Club (MELBOURNE)

8th March, 2008


Also available from NSC Box Office and 03 9486 1677

With Aleks and The Ramps and Human Six Billion



Golden Plains Festival

9th March, 2008



Meredith, Victoria

Toff In The Town (Melbourne)

10th March, 2008


Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt