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Popfrenzy are thrilled to announce the Sydney debut performance of renowned American duo Damon & Naomi.

Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang started playing music together as the rhythm section, co-songwriters, and sometime singers in the critically acclaimed Galaxie 500. When that band ended, they continued as a duo, first recording for Shimmy Disc and then on a series of albums for Sub Pop Records. In 2005, they formed their own label (20/20/20) and have since released three further Damon & Naomi albums – The Earth Is Blue, Within These Walls, and False Beats and True Hearts – alongside reissues of their own and the Galaxie 500 back catalogue.

In addition to their work as musicians, Damon & Naomi are the publishers of Exact Change, a small press dedicated to avant-garde literature and artists’ writings. Individually, Damon is a writer (books, blog, and articles), and Naomi is a visual artist.

Tuesday April 16th
The Vanguard (Newtown) with special guests TBA
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The Vanguard (Newtown)

16th April, 2013


With guests TBA