Color Your Life

Color Your Life
Released: 20-08-2010

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  1. The Other Side Of Your Face
  2. Lady Daydream
  3. Milk & Honey
  4. All Around and Away We Go
  5. Galaxy Plateau
  6. Phenomenons

Color Your Life is a gorgeous and accomplished essay into post-rock-hybrid-jungle love-Krautrock-blisscore-New Wave-disco-chillwave-freak-out. With beautiful songwriting, delicious moods, and one of the most peculiar new vocal talents in recent memory, Twin Sister appear poised for a big 2010.

“Their songs have a remarkable sense of atmosphere and romaticism. They nod at their heroes-- maybe Stereolab and Bjork, maybe Cocteau Twins or 1980s pop-- without overtly stealing. They seem to know they are capable of great things... ‘All Around and Away We Go’ is a magical thing, driving and relaxed at once...” - Pitchfork, 7.5

“I was blown away by how good they are live. Last year’s Vampires with Dreaming Kids EP, as good as it is, doesn’t really give an accurate picture of what they sound like live. These days, they’re combining ‘80s-back-to-jazz (Sade, Style Council) with more drony/Krautrock type stuff (Notwist, Stereolab). They were just fantastic live, and I haven’t come away from a show that excited about a new band in some time. Totally impressed.” - Brooklyn Vegan

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