Topp stemning på lokal ba

Topp stemning på lokal ba
Released: 22-10-2010

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01. Grønt Lys I Alle Ledd
02. Fot I Hose
03. Verdens Største Land
04. Finn Bikkjen!
05. Min Siste Dag
06. En Ville Hest
07. Gomurmamma
08. Togens Hule

01. Verdens Største Land (Velferd Remix)
02. Fot I Hose (Captain Credible Mix)
03. Det Snurrer (By Familjen, Casiokids Remake)
04. Verdens Største Land (Captain Credible's Orchestral Stab Mix)
05. Fot I Hose (Axemax & Big P Remix)
06. Hun Er Min Venstre Hånd (By James Yuill, Casiokids translation)
07. Fot I Hose (Lo-Fi-Fnk Extension)
08. Verdens Største Land (Axemax & Big P Remix)

Topp stemning på lokal bar Casiokids’ debut full-length album is poised to place the band from Norway on the tips of tongues across the world (even if most would be hard-pressed to correctly pronounce the album's title!).

Featuring the first Norwegian-language pop music ever to be released in Australia, Topp stemning på lokal bar contains the type of addictive melodies, distinctive vocal harmonies and danceable pop hooks that translate flawlessly no matter where you're from. Spanning the widths and breadths of bass heavy pop, synthy dub and darker percussive club moments, Casiokids makes its music felt as much as heard.

Casiokids - Topp Stemning På Lokal Bar (double CD) by Popfrenzy

Casiokids "En Vill Hest" from POPFRENZY HQ on Vimeo.

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