Mind CTRL: Psychic Chasms Possessed

Neon Indian
Mind CTRL: Psychic Chasms Possessed
Released: 15-10-2010

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  1. (AM)
  2. Deadbeat Summer
  3. Laughing Gas
  4. Terminally Chill
  5. (If I Knew, I'd Tell You)
  6. 6669 (I Don't Know If You Know)
  7. Should Have Taken Acid With You
  8. Mind Drips
  9. Psychic Chasms
  10. Local Joke
  11. Ephemeral Artery
  12. 7,000 (Reprise)
  13. Sleep Paralysist
  14. Deadbeat Summer (Toro Y Moi Remix)
  15. Should Have Taken Acid With You (Body Language Remix)
  16. If I Knew, I'd Tell You (Javelin Remix)
  17. Mind Drips (Bibio Remix)
  18. Terminally Chill (Yacht Remix)
  19. Ephemeral Artery (Darby Cicci of the Antlers/Fresh Breath Remix)
  20. Local Joke (Dntel Mix)

A summer Australian tour brings a deluxification of this year’s Psychic Chasms, which now contains seven exclusive remixes by Toro y Moi, Body Language, Javelin, Bibio, Yacht, The Antlers & Dntel plus new single “Sleep Paralysist”.

Neon Indian delivers equal parts synthetic nostalgia, dream-pop lullabies, and grinding guitar noise to create something eerier than the sum of its parts. Forged after a hazy winter gathering in Texas, this initial batch of tracks was the result of field recordings, record samples, and a collection of bizarre synth sounds.

Orbiting around the themes of drug-induced heartbreak, weary afternoons, and lost chances, this music provides a lush soundtrack to the deadbeat exploits of teenage ennui. Neon Indian's bedroom ballads have already forged Psychic Chasms. They've been compared to New Order, Future Bible Heroes, and most recently said to sound like a saw-wave cutting a Doobie Brother's song in half. Expect much racket to be had from this fresh faced crew.

Neon Indian - Mind Ctrl: Psychic Chasms Possessed by Popfrenzy

Neon Indian "Sleep Paralysist" from POPFRENZY HQ on Vimeo.

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