Released: 04-02-2011

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  1. Wich Is Wich
  2. Candyfloss
  3. Waiting Around For You
  4. Goldmine 5.You Was Me
  5. Circling The Sun
  6. English Lady
  7. The Good Night
  8. Bread
  9. Cave Dance
  10. I Want To Be Around You
  11. I'll Make Her My Best Friend
  12. Never Alone

The debut album from JONNY - the dream team collaboration between Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub) and Euros Childs (Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci) – is in stores now and scoring glowing reviews a plenty, both locally and internationally.

Featuring the lusciously sweet single, CANDYFLOSS, Jonny’s irresistibly infectious and breezy indie-pop is hitting all the right notes with music critics and tastemakers.

"An early frontrunner for Album of the Year, with this infectiously upbeat pop record! Sure, the influences are easy to spot, but who cares when the music is this good." DRUM MEDIA "This may prove to be the best pop debut of this year, and indeed for many years to come." DB MAG "An eclectic collection of brilliant, succinct indie pops gems, woven together with sharp production and inspired performances. Simply brilliant." INPRESS “Childs and Blake have created a record of outstanding songcraft, which salutes rock’s past with a carefree spirit and its head in the clouds. Go Jonny, go, go go!” BBC MUSIC "Playful, immensely tuneful... life-affirming melodies always win out." FOUR STARS, RAVE MAG "There's an undeniable summer vibe at the core of the songs and the joyful performances on Jonny, with its charming Scottish accents and catchy and efficient compositions." TIME OFF “Candyfloss...has a verse like a Bridget Riley painting viewed through a kaleidoscope and a gorgeous, dreamy chorus.” FOUR STARS, UNCUT "Perfect, breezy heartbreak pop.” Q MAGAZINE

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