In Love With Oblivion

Crystal Stilts
In Love With Oblivion
Released: 15-04-2011

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  1. Sycamore Tree
  2. Through the Floor
  3. Silver Sun
  4. Alien Rivers
  5. Half a Moon
  6. Flying Into the sun
  7. Shake the Shackles
  8. Precarious Stair
  9. Invisible City
  10. Blood Barons
  11. Prometheus At Large

The Brooklyn post-punks' follow-up to their critically lauded 2008 debut Alight of Night continues their penchant for dark '60s psychedelics and hazy '80s pop. Their dreamy atmosphere is expanded here through a better studio production.

With Love With Oblivion, they've stretch things further still, honing their song craft and indulging their more strung-out sides, full of elliptical verses and perfectly chiming guitars, cranky pop organs and the punkest of rhythms. It's a perfect blend of pop smarts and beguiling experiment.

And as with all good pop bands, Crystal Stilts not only look cool and sound great: they also listen hard. But if Crystal Stilts are scholarly about pop, they don't wear their knowledge heavily. The best songs on In Love With Oblivion are effortless, rapturous - "Through The Floor" burns on fevered energy; "Silver Sun" kisses the air with a beautiful stream of jangle guitar; "Alien Rivers" is a spooked, psychedelic requiem. "Precarious Stair" is the best girl-pop-song-not-actually-fronted-by-a-girl since "Just Like Honey."

"Crystal Stilts make terrific use of their recycled material, appropriating favorite forebears' brooding moves (and their richly endowed signifiers), and contributing their own deft hooks and stealth energy." - Pitchfork

Crystal Stilts - Shake The Shackles by Popfrenzy

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