Released: 25-03-2011

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  1. Go
  2. 3
  3. Blood Bank
  4. Reset Head
  5. Mingus
  6. Underling
  7. Gnor
  8. Two
  9. Yodal
  10. Rock’s Performance
  11. +DOME
  12. You’ll

Fusing the 808 and bass heavy club sounds of the new decade and their own familiar brand of electronica, the Sydney three-piece Seekae return with their Sophomore release +Dome.

Paying homage to the sound and textures of Tokyo, Berlin, Chicago and London, +Dome blends live instrumentation with electronics and samples collected over two years of performing, touring and writing.

Composing every sound and song with meticulous detail, from sub bass heavy rollers to intricate guitar riddled interludes, Seekae transmit their developed pallet through a long player that is both rhythm orientated and at the same time self reflecting.

It’s percussive, loud and exciting at times – reserved and laid back at others, but every track oozes a warm feeling that could only be described as Seekae.

The Sound Of Trees Falling On People, first introduced Seekae’s mastery for creating intricate, beat- driven tunes. +Dome is more than just a follow up, it’s a new beginning

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