Frankie Rose
Released: 08-06-2012

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  1. Interstellar
  2. Know Me
  3. Gospel/Me
  4. Daylight Sky
  5. Pair Of Wings
  6. Had We Had It
  7. Night Swim
  8. Apples For The Sun
  9. Moon In My Mind
  10. The Fall

We were all knocked out by the **Frankie Rose and the Outs **album from 2010, the effortlessness of its gorgeous girl-pop mantras, the intimate immensity of its Spector-esque walls of reverb, the beauty of a song sung sweetly over the most graceful two-chord vamps. But are you ready for the new Frankie Rose? – her transformation into a wholly other kind of pop, the reverie and revelation of Interstellar, an album that floats free of its maker's history – time spent with Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls, Crystal Stilts, and creator of one of the most breathlessly compelling girl-pop albums of the past few years.

Talking with Frankie about the record, it's clear she was itching for a new start. The first big indication – production by Le Chev, remixer supreme (for Lemonade, Narcisse, Passion Pit, and Frankie's own "Candy"), an ensemble member of Fischerspooner, etc. "We recorded the record in a private studio dubbed The Thermometer Factory in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I wanted this record to be totally different and in so doing I knew I had to work with someone who would lend fresh ideas and know how to make sounds that I wouldn't know how to make."

On Interstellar Frankie takes the lessons learned with her debut album – like reverb as the holy route to pop-grandeur, scaling a wall of teenage tears – fully digests, and transfers those skills into the brave new world mapped out by ten new songs. In its place is the confident swagger of a singer and auteur fully aware of how to build the simplest of pop moves into aching, full-blown melodramas. Frankie reflects, "I knew I wanted a HUGE sounding record. Big highs, big lows, and clean. I knew I wanted to make a streamlined, spacious record with big choruses that sometimes referenced 80s pop.”

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