Couldn't Be Better

Camperdown & Out
Couldn't Be Better
Released: 22-03-2013

  1. Manly
  2. Don’t Have A Dog
  3. St Peters
  4. Down and Out
  5. Tropics of Capricorn
  6. A Good Sound
  7. Out Of Time
  8. Follow Me
  9. Hey Woman
  10. South Coast
  11. Morphine Dream

Formed out of necessity and a mutual appreciation of legendary acts spat out of 80s Australia/New Zealand, Camperdown & Out’s (featuring members of Royal Headache, Raw Prawn, Dead Farmers and Marf Loth) debut offering ‘Couldn’t Be Better’ is a joyful, jangly spin, as the foursome set out to honour their heroes in the Go-Betweens, Ed Keupper, Paul Kelly and The Clean.

Busy with their respective bands, Camperdown & Out’s original jams and recording sessions were intended for no purpose other than a harmless laugh and a yarn on a Wednesday night above King Street in Newtown.

Funnily enough, this lackadaisical approach has come to form the foundations of the band’s debut LP. Between the song writing of Nathan John Roche and Alex Kiers, ‘Couldn’t Be Better’ epitomizes the band’s enchantment with Sydney’s urban suburbia, whilst also romanticizing about the opposite gender, Sunday roasts and holding down a steady job.

It’s about as smooth and easy-going as a road trip down the Princes highway – with a couple of bumpy, yet winning melodies thrown in along the way.

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