White Orchid

French Films
White Orchid
Released: 31-05-2013

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  1. White Orchid
  2. Where We Come From
  3. Ridin' On
  4. Special Shades
  5. All The Time You Got
  6. Latter Days
  7. Long Lost Children
  8. Juveniles
  9. Into Thousand Years
  10. 99
  11. When People Like You Filled The Heavens (bonus track)

Late 2012, after a busy festival season (Roskilde, Hultsfred, Flow Festival etc), French Films went back to studio to record their second, yet another self-produced album called White Orchid.

The band describes it as an honest and colorful pop album that sounds mature and “more alive” than their previous works. “We wanted to make a record that would have a slightly psychedelic feeling on it, without losing the three-chords-a-track -mentality”, Johannes (lead singer / guitarist) explains. “We’re really happy to get this album out soon.”

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