Day Ravies
Released: 11-10-2013

  1. Leaky Tin
  2. Double Act
  3. Pinky
  4. Cocoon
  5. Jasmine
  6. Steeple Walk
  7. I Don’t Mind
  8. Sun Up
  9. Dasher
  10. Reality School
  11. Staring Is Caring
  12. Picking Up

‘Tussle’ is the debut full-length offering from Sydney quartet Day Ravies, composed of Sam Wilkinson (guitar/vox), Caroline de dear (bass/vox), Lani Crooks (keyboard/vox) and Matt Neville (drums).

After dropping a four songs EP in early 2012 spanning harmonic jangle, ‘60s girl-pop and soft-focus psychedelia that had critics labelling their music as “shoegaze”, “dream pop”, “twee” and everything in between, 'Tussle' is a culmination of songs written and recorded over the following twelve months.

In late 2012 they dropped the woozy ‘Double Act’ - the first single from the forthcoming album. Drifting from the playful dream-pop innocence of the EP, ‘Double Act’ introduced a thicker, more complex layer to the Day Ravies fold. They followed this recently with a second single and video for the swirling track ‘I Don’t Mind’, furthering their instrumental repertoire and adding to their freshly refined sound.

More intricate, urgent tunes have replaced the innocuous major-chord jangle of yore. The diversity of the twelve tracks on 'Tussle' is reflected in the album’s title: a winking acknowledgement of the collaborative songwriting process. From shoegaze to kraut-rock to ‘90s indie, the band’s three songwriters bring a range influences to this record; never imitating, always innovating.

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