Released: 11-04-2014

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  1. Nerve Endings
  2. Hollow Visions
  3. Yellow Eyes
  4. Tough Luck
  5. Amber Veins
  6. Possessed
  7. Footsteps
  8. Fester / Blister
  9. Opaque
  10. Soulless Youth

Brash and Opinionated, short and sharp, fast and furious, Leeds punk five-piece Eagulls are the missing link in your record collection between post-punk and slacker rock, and every bit as essential as that description may sound.

Finessing the incensed spirit of their early tracks and gigs, their self-titled debut sets its stall out as a heavier, dark and more exhilarating step on from what has come before.

Touring is their lifeblood, as shown through the relentless bouts of gigging that have coloured their four years together, supporting the likes of Fucked Up and Iceage. .

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