Jonathan Boulet
Released: 18-07-2014

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  1. Don’t Call Me Champ
  2. Hold It Down
  3. Creeper
  4. Is Anybody Dooming?
  5. You’re A Man
  6. Lipshitz
  7. Traveller
  8. BOG
  9. Set It Off
  10. Fuddy Duddy
  11. Derros
  12. Strut King
  13. Alright
  14. High Five Guy

2014 sees the return of Jonathan Boulet. After a year in Germany, Boulet is back with his third LP, "GUBBA".

Boulet relocated from Sydney to Germany last year, sans band and sans plan, after a UK/EU tour and performances at SXSW. His "Berlin Era" was not crack-fuelled like so many others'. Rather, the Australian expat successfully managed to immolate past notions of his music amidst the right-proper snowstorms of a European winter. Without crack.

Gubba is entirely self-produced and bludgeons like a doom record sped up to garage-punk tempos.

Gubba is faster, heavier and more direct than its predecessors.

Gubba is pop music with a scummy outer layer.

Gubba is not angry but likes to have fun.

Who the f*ck is GUBBA?

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