Jekyll Island

Surf City
Jekyll Island
Released: 20-03-2015

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  1. Beat the Summer Heat
  2. Spec City
  3. Jekyll Island (and the Psycosphere)
  4. Hollow Veins
  5. One Too Many Things
  6. What They Need
  7. Leave Your Worries
  8. Indian Summer
  9. Thumbs Up
  10. The End
  11. Jesus Elvis Coca Cola

New Zealand psychgazers Surf City return with an album of sticky summer jams and fuzzy swirls and out and out dream pop blasts.

Centered around singer/guitarist Davin Stoddard's wry observations and sing song delivery, the record sees Jamie Kennedy increasingly pick up a guitar as well and add a welcome dimension of sunken melodies and lock step fuzz at all of the right moments.

New members Mike Ellis (bass) & Andy Frost (drums) hold things together with a constant driving beat and rhythm that proves undeniable.

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