Sea Lion

The Ruby Suns
Sea Lion
Released: 15-03-2008

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  1. Blue Penguin
  2. Oh, Mojave
  3. Tane Mahuta
  4. There Are Birds
  5. It’s Mwangi In Front Of Me
  6. Remember
  7. Ole Rinka
  8. This Adventure Tour
  9. Kenya Dig It?
  10. Morning Sun
  11. Papatuanuku*
  12. Gibble*

*Australian exclusive bonus tracks

Recorded by Ryan McPhun alone in his Auckland basement, Sea Lion’s melodic musings found inspiration in the natural world and his travels within it. “Tane Mahuta,” sung entirely in Maori, is an indigenous-sounding ode to the great Waipoua forest near Auckland and “Adventure Tour” tells a tale of a memorable drive through New Zealand’s South Island. An African influence also exerts a strong presence in the album. Not only was he struck by the people (“Ole Rinka” is about a man he met in the Maasai Mara National Reserve), but he was also enamoured of the music, especially Kenyan traditional music and modern day hip-hop.

The depth and breadth of The Ruby Suns’ songs has, to no surprise, grown dramatically since their self-titled debut The epic Sea Lion was intended to be a world music album, but reverb and psychedelic pop crept back in to create a unique mixture of exotic sounds, accomplished with an impressive array of instruments—from steel-string ukulele to djembe drums to pots and pans, all set upon a cosy cushion of synths and cassette samples.

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