Les Savy Fav
Released: 04-09-2004

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1 Meet Me In The Dollar Bin 2 Hold On To Your Genre 3 We’ll Make A Lover Of You 4 Fading Vibes 5 The Sweat Descends 6 Knowing How The World Works 7 Hello Halo, Goodbye Glands 8 Obsessed With The Excess 9 One Way Window 10 Yawn, Yawn, Yawn 11 No Sleeves 12 Reprobates Resume 13 Reformat (Live) 14 Reformat (Dramatic Reading) 15 Bringing Us Down 16 Our Coastal Hymn 17 Blackouts On Thursday 18 Rodeo

Early on there’s a warning - Hold On to Your Genre. Over the past nine years, Les Savy Fav have mixed up everything post-punk was meant to be and created their own off-kilter distillate.

Inches bottles this weird blend, and somehow makes it make sense. The band came up with the idea for the album seven years ago, and progressively gathered 18 songs off nine rare seven-inches, all originally released by different labels.

It’s a document of the band’s relentlessly pacey output, from dancefloor charging anthems like the instant classic Yawn, Yawn, Yawn, to the bizarre (like radio play Reformat) to the frenetic and bratty, Rodeo.

As the album charges on from most recent releases to the earliest, it’s clear how Les Savy Fav have been able to play the wildly weird live shows they are reported to play – as the recordings show, their sound is tight enough to mess around and have some fun. "We got old, we got good, and we did all we said we would," growls grizzly singer Tim Harrington on album opener Meet Me in the Dollar Bin, and the next 17 tracks prove him right.

It’s impossible not to nod along or sneer when listening to Inches. It’s the first local release for this US four piece, and the best introduction to their furiously fun sound.

The Popfrenzy pressing of Inches also comes with a DVD that includes features videos, live performances, photos of the band, a DVD audio version of the album and best of all track-by-track commentary by the band and their friends.

“With Inches, Les Savy Fav brings together a full seven years of solid musicianship, deviously catchy songwriting, and explosive punk rock energy, discarding all the gratuitous dissonance and convoluted song structures that often plague "post-punk." Finally, this is Les Savy Fav.” (Pitchfork)

“Totally addictive and mesmerizing, this collection can be dubbed as a hyperkinetic masterpiece, explosive and ready to sweep the underground scene by storm. Call it post-punk, experimental underground rock or whatever you want, this record positively delivers in grand fashion.” (Cooperpress)

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