Released: 22-05-2006

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  1. Ship The Majestic Suffix
  2. Cast It At The Setting Sail
  3. Bloodbook On The Halfshell
  4. Did I Step On Your Trumpet
  5. When It Comes To You I?Lazy
  6. Two Sitting Ducks
  7. My Lion Sleeps Tonight
  8. Kids Pushing Kids
  9. Time That Bald Sexton
  10. He Who Flattened Your Flame
  11. Is Getting Torched
  12. Five Stars and Two Thumbs Up

Opening arms wider than ever, Daniel Smith (head Danielson) made a long list of artists who have worked with Danielson over the years and other folks who planned to work together at some point. All joined together - both the well-known (Deerhoof, Sufjan Stevens, Why?) and not as well-known artists (Sereena Maneesh, Leopulde, Half-handed Cloud) – each bringing their own unique skills and ideas to Daniel's songs and voice, resulting in this crowning achievement.

What the critics have to say about Ships. . .

“Each note is a shambling, raucous mix of high-pitched squeak and frantic chant. And the best part is that Smith isn't quixotically crumpling to the ground, holding his nose and speaking-in-tongues, or perpetuating a new brand of cheeky faux-gospel-- he's actually singing, and it is actually insane.” (Pitchfork)

“A genuine pop triumph, the perfect execution of conceptual complexity and musical audacity, tied together with the timeless expression of one man measuring the motions of his soul.” (Delusions of Adequacy)

“This is utterly original, honest, intelligent music that sounds like nothing you'll hear elsewhere.” (Splendid)

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