Remember That I Love You

Kimya Dawson
Remember That I Love You
Released: 01-08-2006

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  1. Tire Swing
  2. My Mom
  3. Loose Lips
  4. Caving In
  5. Better Weather
  6. Underground
  7. I Like Giants
  8. The Competition
  9. France
  10. I Miss You
  11. 12/26
  12. My Rollercoaster

Remember That I Love You has the kind of intimacy that pop producers dream of, the kind of intimacy that’s impossible to imitate. Kimya Dawson continues to expose the subtle and sometimes serious pains we all face, in order to temper them with understanding and laughter. In the process she has emerged as a seriously talented wordsmith, at once intoxicating and irresistible.

Along with Rolling Stone, Spin, Magnet and many others, Dawson has been called “compelling” by Pitchfork, while Under The Radar said, “It’s not what Kimya says, but how she says it. She’s got a knack for playing with words. In the end you want to laugh and cry and probably hug someone. Kimya delivers deeply personal, uncompromising songwriting tucked into intelligent and clever lyrics.”

--- Kimya performing "Loose Lips" live ---

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