Released: 23-07-2007

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  1. Misty Mourning

  2. The Howl

  3. Like A Vampire

  4. Golden Strings

  5. Unless You Smile

  6. Your Face

  7. Dolphins

  8. Gestapo

  9. Nothing About Love

  10. Light The Fires

  11. Diamonds

  12. Golden

  13. Unless I See You

Unless is a collection of band compositions, experimental interludes and electro-pop songs. Mixed and re-worked by Jason Sweeney at his Adelaide studio during 2006 , the album has a moody, dreamy, cinematic quality that moves from angular guitar pop, shoegazer, a New Order-esque style. The was recorded with Chris Scallan and Jed Palmer at Sing Sing and Soft Centre studios in Melbourne in the latter part of 2005. The result is the debut album, Unless, also featuring the musicianship of Cailan Burns (other half of Pretty Boy Crossover), Emma Bortignon and Phil Collings.

When interviewed for Cyclic Defrost recently here’s what Vincent and Jason had to say about Unless:

*“‘Like a Vampire’ and ‘Gestapo’ are songs that push buttons for me,” says Giarruso, “because structurally they are very different. The words are some of the first lyrics I wrote post-Undies and they fulfil my criteria for song lyrics in that they are ironic, funny - I think anyhow - deeply personal and tell small stories all at the same time. The album as a whole is very different structurally, which I think is exciting… it’s kinda broken into four sections, like four mini EPs, which resolve within themselves and as a whole.”

“Golden,” says Sweeney, “is probably the ‘special’ track for me. It just has that expansive feel I love in pop music. But the whole album I treat as a complete thing and try to listen to it that way, rather than skipping or isolating songs. And at a precise 35 minutes, it is an album that is suitable for busy people!”*

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