Pet Grief

The Radio Dept
Pet Grief
Released: 25-09-2006

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  1. It's Personal
  2. Pet Grief
  3. A Window
  4. I Wanted You To Feel The Same
  5. South Side
  6. The Worst Taste In Music
  7. Every Time
  8. What Will Give?
  9. Gibraltar
  10. Sleeping In
  11. Tell
  12. Always A Relief

Ladies and gentlemen, what you’ve all been waiting for... The Radio Dept.’s ***Pet Grief ***is definitely the most anticipated Swedish album in a very, very long time. Their first album, Lesser Matters (2003) was called "a minor classic" by NME and voted one of the 10 best albums of the year in the same magazine. The Sunday Times said it was “the most purely satisfying and occasionally heartbreaking indie-pop album of the year.” Now the highly anticipated follow up Pet Grief is finally here. You'll hear from the very first chord that you're listening to The Radio Dept.. Still, something has definitely changed. The mood is darker, more epic, grander and even more beautiful than ever. A major classic!

--- Video for "The Worse Taste In Music" ---

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