Sing Along With The Acid House Kings

Acid House Kings
Sing Along With The Acid House Kings
Released: 04-02-2005

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  1. That’s Because You Drive Me
  2. Do What You Wanna Do
  3. This Heart Is A Stone
  4. London School Of Economics
  5. 7 Days
  6. I Write Summer Songs For No Reason
  7. Tonight Is Forever
  8. Saturday Train
  9. Sleeping
  10. Will You Love Me In The Morning?
  11. A Long Term Plan
  12. Wipe Away Those Tears

Sweden’s no 1 guitar pop band, Acid House Kings return with a new album filled with some of the most luscious and soulful indie pop you’ll have the pleasure of hearing in 2005.

There is a whole lot to this collection of songs. That 60’s motown soul feel. The way the album creeps up on you. You know how it goes…you start by tapping your feet, then you’re bopping your head and before you know it you’ve been swept away by the sheer beauty of it all. They’ve been called ‘perfect pop’ before and who are we to argue? Sing Along With The Acid House Kings is light, gentle and above all – irresistibly good.

Highlights? - ‘Do What You Wanna Do’, ‘7 Days’, ‘This Heart Is A Stone’ and ‘Tonight Is Forever’ all catch you early with breezy bubblegum hooks. The whole album just begs to be played over and over again. Sweet Swedish pop music with a slightly melancholy feel. Music to take you places. Perfect pop indeed.

If you are lucky enough to get the CD early – you will receive a limited bonus Karaoke DVD featuring exclusive videos made by the band for every track plus karaoke versions. Really!

” In short, if pure pop is your kind of thing, the Acid House Kings are ready to serve up great heaping dollops of slightly melancholic, pop-perfect ice cream for you and your sweet tooth.” (Delusions of Adequacy)

*”Be prepared to bob your head back and forth with hands on your head phones. kind of like that girl in that Cornershop video spinning her 45 records. With songs like “Do what you wanna do,” “This heart is a stone,” and “Drama inside;” it’s inevitable.” *(

--- Video for "Do What You Wanna Do" ---

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