Released: 10-09-2005

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  1. Better Safe Than Safari
  2. Eat This City
  3. 198090 (Aquatic Cupid’s)
  4. Harpoon of Love
  5. Enough About Me, Let’s Talk About Me
  6. To: Skulls
  7. From: Skulls
  8. Bodies Adjust
  9. This World is Made of Paper
  10. Cobra Feet

Justamustache is ripe with vocal harmonies and shout-a-long choruses, dual guitar parts, effects-laden bass and vibrant keyboard melodies. Songs like "Eat this City" and "Harpoons of Love" are steadfast and as close to perfect ‘pure pop’ as anything going around, while "This World is Made of Paper" and "Cobra Feet" show the band at their most powerful, precise and danceable. At ten tracks in all, Justamustache is a snapshot of a band finally comfortable in their own skin

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