The Moonstation House Band

The Moonstation House Band
Released: 19-03-2007

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  1. Nothing No
  2. Jacket
  3. Feet Of A Liar
  4. Corduroy Blues
  5. Wisdom From A Tree
  6. Can’t See Your Face No More
  7. Murder In Michigan
  8. Moonlight Instrumental

The Moonstation House Band album captures the highlights from his two-year immersion in Jay Bennett's Clubhouse - as Vandervelde refers to the studio in Chicago - where he isolated himself to record this record virtually on his own, using the former Wilco multi-instrumentalist's studio as a big toy instrument, enjoying access to much of the same gear as used on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and Being There. Self-taught on guitar, drums, bass, piano, synth, and other studio tools, the listener can hear that Vandervelde is an adventurous artist, who embraces classic rock songwriting and whose spirit is just banging at the door to get unleashed.

For three of the songs ("Corduroy Blues", "Widsom From a Tree", and "Moonlight Instrumental"), Vandervelde worked with award-winning string arranger David Campbell (who, aside from being Beck's father, has done string arrangements for Elton John, Leonard Cohen, Willie Nelson, Beck, and also did the Brokeback Mountain score) and engineer Steve Churchyard (Wings, the Band, Bryan Ferry, Lucinda Williams).

“The way that the eight pristine pop songs here recall the best of T. Rex, ELO, or early Bee Gees can offer marks Vandervelde out as a man out of time.” (NME)

"At a pipsqueakish 22 years old, David Vandervelde is already generating the kind of indie-net whispering that musicians twice his age pine for." (Spin)

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