Surf City EP

Surf City
Surf City EP
Released: 29-03-2008

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  1. Headin’ Inside
  2. Records Of A Flagpole Skater
  3. Dickshakers Union
  4. Canned Food
  5. Mt Kill
  6. Free The City

The majority of the six song EP was recorded in various lounges and bedrooms around Auckland. Some in Eden Terrace and Kingsland and most of the vocals at Davin’s mum’s place. After the mixes were finalised by Murray Fisher, Davin hunted out infamous American artist Steve Keene to produce the EP’s artwork. Keene has created paintings for bands like the Silver Jews and Pavement and was more than happy to design for Surf City. With the direction of ‘chickens, guns and the desert’ Keene has created a perfectly colourful haphazard scene.

"It seems like decades since any New Zealand band has managed to evoke the same feeling that The Clean and Straightjacket Fits did. Mix that with how you feel about Interpol and maybe Sonic Youth and you have a fair idea." (PAVEMENT MAGAZINE)

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