Strange Geometry

The Clientele
Strange Geometry
Released: 11-10-2005

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  1. Since K Got Over Me
  2. (I Can't Seem to) Make You Mine
  3. My Own Face Inside the Trees
  4. K
  5. E.M.P.T.Y.
  6. When I Came Home From the Party
  7. Geometry of Lawns
  8. Spirit
  9. Impossible
  10. Step into the Light
  11. Losing Haringey

"Beguiling third album from the discreetly uncanny north London trio, taking a turn from Galaxie 500 to The Zombies, as the whispery reverb of their twilight torch songs is elegantly embellished with strings from Louis Philippe." (Uncut)

"The slight nods to accessibility and the decreased stylization might disappoint some of the faithful at first, but Strange Geometry grows more appealing with repeated listening. One of today's most consistently wonderful bands has kept up its long winning streak." (Pitchfork)

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